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Oct 21

Written by: Laurie Clarke
10/21/2009 11:37 AM

Halloween is not a good time of the year for black cats because of the many negative myths surrounding them.  I think

keeping them inside the house on that day, and perhaps the day before is the best idea.  In fact, I have always kept

all my cats in my house, in the quiet safety of a bedroom, far away from the ringing doorbell and open door.


There are however, safety threats for our cats inside the house during Halloween.  Some cats like to chew and play with

the pumpkins on the front porch.  Unfortunately, for those cats who love pumpkin, doing this can be a problem as the

carved pumpkin can be a source of bacteria, and when ingested, causes upset tummies. Not nice for them, or us!


All those candies and wrappers – lots of potential fun for cats.  However, swallowing the wrappers can cause a problem with

a cats intestines.  And if those wrappers contain chocolate, keep them away from your cat.  As with dogs, chocolate

and cats do not mix.


Halloween candles contribute nicely to a wonderful spooky atmosphere, but never leave cats and candles in the same room.

Apart from the serious risk of fire and burns, I know one curious kitten who managed to dip her front paws into a

candle without hurting herself, but she did provide brightly coloured wax paw prints, and drips, all  around the kitchen.

(And that candle was on top of a fridge!)


And my personal bias – Halloween costumes for cats?  That is just wrong.  Maybe for a quick photo, but even then

the resulting picture will no doubt show a  highly insulted cat gazing at you with barely disguised fury!





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