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Oct 15

Written by: Laurie Clarke
10/15/2008 8:55 AM

Why don't we train cats the way we train dogs, syndicated columnist Christie Keith asked Melissa Bain of the veterinary medical teaching hospital at the University of California, Davis.  "We do," she replied.  "You know, there are actually kitten kindergarten classes now, like there are for puppies.  She added that more and more cat owners, behaviour experts and trainers are using "positive training" - and cats love it.  The positive approach most often used with cats is "clicker training", a technique that spread from psychology labs and marine mammal research into the neighbourhood dog class.  Cat behaviourist Marilyn Krieger, of Redwood City, California, said pretty much anyone with a clicker and a handful of treats can quickly train a cat to sit, roll over and give you a high five!  (from the San Francisco Chronicle)


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Re: Yes You Can Herd Cats (??)

Not really-cats have staff;they've got US trained

By JohnCharles Robinson on   11/6/2008 6:01 PM

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