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Terriffic site! Love the logo! Best wishes for success! Submitted By: Brent

Too cool! I'll be telling all my cat-lover friends where they can now shop online. Congratulations on the grand kick-off! Submitted By: Mary

Congratulations on the lovely website, Laurie! I've always had a secret love of cats, although I've never had one, being violently allergic to anything with fur...But I've always dreamed of having a lovely little gold kitty whom I could name Aslan. Maybe in my next life, eh? All the best! Submitted By: Darian

What a wonderful resource, and a place to share our cat stories. Speaking of sharing...There was Charlie, smart (Yes, smart!) as a whip and full of love; Spunky, his sister who was totally the prima donna; Ozzie, a little wild, like the musician; and his mate Three (we ran out of names and she was a calico); their wonderful offspring Wiz, was a sprightly little fellow, who played with the puppy dogs. They all lived together with the dogs too! Submitted By: Patti

Good Job!! Finally a web-site pertaining to cats, not just dogs!!! Love it!!!!!! Submitted By: Diane

Some people rely on luck. Others rely on hard work perseverance passion. Congratulations to your success. A>N>G>E Submitted By: A

Congratulations Laurie! The site looks great - all that hard work paid off! I love the picture of Mistofelees:) Submitted By: Stacey

It looks like I have found the perfect website to continue my life-time love affair with cats. Congrats on your new adventure Submitted By: Elaine Scott

I also want to wish you much success and hope that you find your new endeavour to be stimulating and rewarding! Submitted By: Valerie

Yahoo! You are up and running and ready for business. I wish you the greatest success! I have to tell you again.."I just LOVE your logo!" Congratulations again!! By Sue! Submitted By: Sue



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