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A great idea for those wonderful cat owners. I will pass your info onto cat clients of mine (The Cat's Meow Pet Sitting) Kitchener, Ontario Submitted By: Julie Hawkins

i was looking @my cat fancy mag. and saw your ad, bein aan avid cat lover, i just had to see you! thanx! Submitted By: Chris Machi

I am a professional cat sitter and I personally see how cat lovers are not properly serviced. The normally have to buy inappropriate, tacky cat merchandise or put up with the cast offs of dog products. Now I can buy gifts for my valued clients that will be appreciated. Submitted By: tracy boileau

I haven't even taken the time to look thru your catalogue yet, but what I have seen so far looks wonderful and long overdue. I love your new kitten featured in cat chat, it is darling, and I am glad your daughter is a cat lover too. I have been one all my life!! Looking forward to more.... Submitted By: Karen Kropinske

Looking forward to perusing your site. I've been a diehard cat lover all my life. Submitted By: Trudy Rickard

Congratulations on the site! I'm so glad you'll be contributing to "Off the Shelf". I was always a dog (and horse) person until a little kitten full of burrs appeared at our farm. Myself and my husband fell for her hook, line and sinker. She had 1 litter and, due to unforseen complications, died when the kittens were 4 days old. We hand-raised the litter, found good homes for the 3 boys and we kept the 2 girls. I love my "kit-cat" girls as much as our dogs and horses! So you can be a dog and a cat person. Submitted By: Sandi Hall

Congratulations! Finally a web site I can send to my family and friends when they are wondering what to buy me! Submitted By: Sharen

Aunt Laurie/Laurie, cool website!!!!! Uncle Roy told us to check it out so, the whole family checked it out. Rebecca and Vanessa love the logo. Love, the Clarke family Submitted By: Andrew, Laura, Rebecca and Vanessa

Terriffic site! Love the logo! Best wishes for success! Submitted By: Brent

Too cool! I'll be telling all my cat-lover friends where they can now shop online. Congratulations on the grand kick-off! Submitted By: Mary



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