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Welcome to the Who Loves Kitty? Products and Services catalog. Here you will find unique cat-themed gifts and collectibles sure to please the most finicky of cat lovers. Please browse our collection of cat lover gifts by first selecting a category on the left hand side. If you are looking for a specific cat themed gift for yourself, family or a friend, and you cannot find it in our catalog, then please let us know ( We will be more than happy to assist you in locating that perfect gift for that special cat lover.

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"Happiness Is A Good Book..." Bookmark
By Artist Steve Hanks

Happiness Is A Good Book And A Spot In The Sun

Sorry, sold out!

All I Need To Know I Learned From My Cat
The double-platinum addition with 48 new pages of "pure wisdom" including "Be able to nap anywhere"! Written by Suzy Becker.

 Paperback edition

"The James Younger Gang" Bookmark
By Artist Bryan Moon
Bad Cat
244 Not-So-Pretty Kitties & Cats Gone Bad! Written By Jim Edgar

Not since Kilban has there been a cat book this edgy. Edgy as in Bosco, the demonic Siamese with razor-sharp fangs. Deranged and antisocial these are kitties with borderline personality problems - photographed in full colour at their most unflattering, plus vital stats: name, age, and hobby.

New York Times Bestseller!

"When I Am An Old Cat" Bookmark
By Artist Margaret Sherry

When I Am An Old Cat I Shall Wear A Diamond Collar And Leave My Footprints On White Couches...

Sorry - Sold Out!

Cat @ Home
"Mysterious & Magical, Enchanted & Enchanting, Cats Make A House A Home"Written by Kirsty Seymour-Ure
"Women And Cats" Bookmark
By Robert A. Heinlein

Women And Cats Will Do As They Please And Men And Dogs Should Get Used To The Idea

Sorry - Sold Out!

Cat Behavior Answer Book
Practical Insights & Proven Solutions For Your Feline Questions Written By Arden Moore

For cat owners and lovers everywhere, pet expert Arden Moore explores feline behavior in inviting, browsable Q & A format. Her practical advice and workable solutions to common kitty conundrums help owners prevent the destructive behavior and embrace the charming quirks.

101 Cataclysms For the Love of Cats
By Rachael Hale

This unique collection superbly captures the beauty, elegance and charm of 101 of Rachael Hale's favourite felines.

(small black mark next to binding on bottom of book)

Cat Names
"Over 1000 Purrfect Names from Cuddles to Claws, Augustus to Zsa Zsa" Written By Jenny Linford

The perfect gift for any cat lover

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